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Sketchbook Homework, Huzzah!

10 Sep

By Nattoons, found on Deviantart

Homework . . . probably not the way you want to start any class, but this homework assignment will not be a nightmare, won’t even be hard, but it does need to be done. You will have one week to complete it, and everything you might need to think about will be right here.

The assignment is to create a coverpage for your sketchbook. Yes, this will be easier if you have a sketchbook, but even if you do not pay the fee, and collect a sketchbook, you will have to have a coverpage made and handed in on time, it just means you’ll be handing it in on a loose unlined piece of paper.

A coverpage should be an introduction to your book, which means it should have one or all of the following things;

1. Your name

2. The name of the class

3. The title of the book? “Sketchbook”, or “Art” can be enough

4. Some of your interests, either in art or in general.

Here’s my sketchbook coverpage. In it, I demonstrated my interest in comic books, by making my coverpage look like the cover of a comic book. I gave it a title “Art”, or rather “Amazing Astronomical Art”. In a way I covered what “class” the book is for in my title, I called it “Art” and that killed two birds with one stone. I left out my own name, because as I said, it doesn’t have to have all 4 of those things.

Homework. yay.

8 Feb

Over the last few days I have collected your course fees and provided students with some of the materials they needed for the course. These supplies include; a bag to keep your work and supplies in, a sketchbook, a pair of art pencils, pencil sharpener, an eraser and a fine pointed felt tip pen.

With all that goodness comes the bad however, the assigning of the first homework assignment. In this case that homework will relate quite closely to those supplies, or the sketchbook at least. I want you to create a coverpage for your sketchbook. Something that lets me know it’s yours, either because of the way you present your name on the cover, or in the choice of images you use (which could identify your particular interests in art).

The image on the right here is my example of  a coverpage. When I say “mine” I really mean it as well. This coverpage is based on comic books ( a particular interest of mine, and one closely tied to art ) and quite prominently shows the name of the class it is made for. I didn’t like the idea of my art coverpage presenting my name in bold letters, so instead I focused on the subject, and my interests within the subject. I included a few other useful things, like the CRHS letters to represent the school this subject is taught in.

The characters I used (for those who are interested to know) are an homage to two quite prominent Marvel characters, Captain America and Dr. Doom – who in my art based comic book cover become Corporal Color (notice the color wheel shield) and Dr. Desaturation. “Saturation” in the world of color is a reference to how pure or intense a color is, Desaturation is therefore when we reduce the color or pigmentation. I also enjoyed the way I was able to create a villain to oppose a color based hero by presenting him monochromatically. Good times . . . but I digress.

This homework assignment is due next Friday Feb. 17. If it is not completely finished I’ll expect to see what you do have done anyway. Late homework will not be accepted. If the homework is done on time you will receive full marks, if it is not done on time you will receive no marks. If you have not paid your fee, and therefore do not have a sketchbook, I still expect you to do homework. It just means that you’ll have to do it on a seperate piece of paper, not ideal, but still effective.

Art 601/621 – Coverpages

16 Sep

Ok, everyone who has paid their fees has their supplies, and that means everyone has Monday homework. Since there is not a lot of time left to the week I said yesterday that you would only have to do a coverpage.

But remember, every other week there will be two or three assignments, and usually, while I will list them to the right of this blog, I will not make a post about each one. Your interpretation of the assignment as simply listed at the side is part of the project.

Sketchbook First Page by DaVolcomQueen


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